May 232016

We are far from the days when automation will be able to run everything.  Although we now have dishwashers which can spray hot soapy water at our pots and pans, we still don’t have a machine capable of accurately sorting, pre-washing, and loading the dishes into the machine for us.  While automation is great and can make certain things like manufacturing more efficient and cost effective, it’s not for every task.  There’s certain things that, in my opinion, will always need that human touch.

A person, unlike a machine, can tell the difference between you ordinary greasy slime and a truly baked on mess at the bottom of a pot.  To a machine, it’s little more than guessing based on the color at what to do.  It’s the sort of “common sense” approach that you just can’t teach a computer.  Many people expect that in the future more and more robots will eventually put us all out of work.  However it’s unlikely to work that way.

True, if your job is simply to put coggs A, B, & C into holes D, E, & F you might be in trouble.  However more complex processes requiring quality analysis during the work will never be fully automated.  I anticipate that in the future, we’ll see more of a hybrid approach to automation.  The menial repetitive tasks will be replaced by robotics with increasing dexterity, while a human counterpart will be monitoring the quality of the process, making adjustments as needed, and handling the more difficult tasks like putting a new roll of material into the machine.

Corectech Solutions Automation

Corectech solutions is dedicated to helping automate these processes.  Our aim is never to replace your human employees, but rather to make them faster, better, and more productive.  Imagine if your shop could produce two or three times as much product with the same number of employees?  Would it enable you to cut your prices?  Get bigger contracts, new customers?  Perhaps it’d even make a better profit (we all know this is the ultimate motivator).

The next time you’re on your production floor, take a stroll around and try to spot an employee doing a tedious repetitive task.  Then just ask yourself: what would he be doing right now if he didn’t have to do that?

We’ve all seen the giant robotic arms assembling doors onto automobiles in the commercials.  I think the car companies are rather proud of that multi million dollar innovation.  However production automation doesn’t always need to be as large and grandiose as all that.  Or as expensive.  Sometime, as simple one arm vacuum hose driven mechanism controlled by a PLC is all that’s required.  The cost may be just a few thousand dollars, but can free up hours of a worker’s time each week.

Apr 252016

We’re a company committed to helping meet you demands of merging the low tech companies with high tech solutions.  Providing everything from web design to automation services.  Our team of dedicated developers and engineers can tackle even the most challenging of situations.

Let’s say you’ve got a manufacturing company using older unsupported equipment which is not computer automated.  But, you need a way to monitor it’s progress from half-way around the world… We can handle that.  With the right mix of local monitoring equipment installed to your existing machinery, cloud based databasing and tracking, and easy web reporting you’ll be up and running fast.

Need a mobile app to handle your automation or monitor your production?  We’ve got you covered there as well.  We work with top Apple and Android developers who can create custom apps that will integrate into any of our solutions packages.

Just listen to what a few of our customers have to say about us:

Corectech was awesome!  Now I don’t have to make daily trips between our two plants.  I can be running a press at one location and monitor the other on my tablet


Thanks CorecTech!  Made my life easier.  Now when there’s a problem I can be notified right away so we don’t waste valuable production time.  We didn’t even have to replace the old screw machines to use the solution.

Contact us now for an on site consultation to see what we can do to help bring your old factory into the 21st century.  All you pay is airfare and hotel to have a Corectech Solutions expert evaluate your site.